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Trying something new...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I decided to attempt to conquer one of my photography "fears"... back lighting.  It's intimidating to me!  So one night after my husband told me the field at the end of our street had been mowed down and was filled with hay bales, I left the dinner on the stove and ran Ethan down for a few shots before the sunset.  He was a pretty cooperative model, for about 10 minutes.  Then, he just wanted to come home and eat dinner.  This is what I left with.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Lucky Shot

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

...But this time it wasn't from "Lucky Shot Photography".  We went apple picking and though I had my camera and got some cute pictures, I didn't get any good photographs.  Full bright sun.  But I did get this one, which I think is pretty nice, and pretty lucky, considering!

Don't take Floridians to a New England Beach

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We went to the beach for some family portraits, but my in-laws, the Floridians, lasted about 3 minutes.  Which, was just long enough for my to get these hysterical (to us, anyway) shots:

The boys, on the other hand, didn't even seem to notice the cold, and I'm pretty sure they would have been happy to stay all day!

This guy just doesn't sit still!

These melt my heart:

And our family portrait.  We're not all looking (Ahem, Ethan!) but at least we're all in the frame, not running in opposite directions.

North Conway

Thursday, September 9, 2010

When I was about Ethan's age, my family went on a vacation to the White Mountains.  "Legend" has it that I sang "Take me out to the ball game!" obnoxiously for the entire ride.  I also insisted upon having a pea green Adidas tee that was in a men's XXL that I spotted at EMS (after my unrelenting whining, apparently one was found in a children's size).  I'm proud to report that Ethan did neither of these things.  We went to North Conway for a night, drove the beautiful Kancamangus Highway, and had a lovely time.

Unfortunately, he had to pee too badly to smile for me!

At a cool antique spot at the end of the Kancamangus:

At the North Conway Scenic Railroad:

Greetings & Farewell

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nana and Grandpa came for a week long visit.  The boys were so excited to see them!  And so sad to see them go!  Here are some pictures I captured of them arriving, and then sadly heading home.  More posts coming on what happened in between :)

Here they are!

Big hugs for Nana!  They were a little shy around Grandpa, but that changed by the end of the week!

Sitting down and catching up with Nana:

Ethan crawled in bed with them on their last morning:

Our attempt at a family photo:

And sad goodbyes:

Fun in the Field

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have been wanting to take pictures in this field for a very long time!  Now that I'm getting so into this whole photography gig... I just HAD to!  We got permission from the neighbors, and headed down the street carrying photography gear, furniture, you name it!  We had our friends/neighbors come over with their daughter, and my other friend/pro-photographer and her family, so we had a bunch of kids to take pictures of.  It was a blast!  I feel like I didn't do as well as I could have, but these are still pretty cute!

My boys didn't want to sit still for too long, so they were toughies:

This guy is just the perfect model:

And Cha Cha (as Nolan calls her) was a princess:

And here are a few just for fun:

Well, that was a bust!

We went to the beach tonight to try and get some family pictures.  We decided on a whim to do it, threw together some outfits and left.  Nolan was teething and cranky, Ethan was tired and not his general energetic self, but we thought (hoped) they'd perk up once we got there.  We got on the beach and Ethan started doing his "pee-pee" dance.  We make the long walk back to the bathrooms (at Ethan's turtle pace), he is so anxious to go he forgets to hold "it" down and pees all over me and the stall, the sky starts getting dark and hazy and my boys are just not in the mood.  Better luck next time.  This is the best of what we grabbed.

These two I actually love:

And these two are my hubby's crafty work:

Nice work, hubbs, maybe there was a little more than luck to it ;)