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Well, that was a bust!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We went to the beach tonight to try and get some family pictures.  We decided on a whim to do it, threw together some outfits and left.  Nolan was teething and cranky, Ethan was tired and not his general energetic self, but we thought (hoped) they'd perk up once we got there.  We got on the beach and Ethan started doing his "pee-pee" dance.  We make the long walk back to the bathrooms (at Ethan's turtle pace), he is so anxious to go he forgets to hold "it" down and pees all over me and the stall, the sky starts getting dark and hazy and my boys are just not in the mood.  Better luck next time.  This is the best of what we grabbed.

These two I actually love:

And these two are my hubby's crafty work:

Nice work, hubbs, maybe there was a little more than luck to it ;)


Jill said...

well, you got a couple of cute ones! I do like chris's too.

Tara said...

Well for such a crazy night you got some awesome pics! Isn't that always the way though...madness! I love the last one. Love your hair. Your face. Everything!

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