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Gotta Love Boys!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm really behind on editing pictures, but I couldn't resist this one.  We went to my sister's yesterday and her yard is covered with beautifully colored leaves.  After chasing the boys around, I asked them to sit next to each other, and then asked Ethan to put his arm around Nolan and "pretend" that he loves him for a minute.  He really doesn't have to pretend, he's madly in love with Nolan, and here he is just expressing it a little overzealously.    I think it will look great blown up and hung on my mantel, don't you??!

The Nicolosi Family

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OH. MY. GOSH.  I have never had so much fun taking (or editing) pictures!  The Nicolosi's are so sweet and so fun, and so full of love. I have so many great pictures to choose from, I was having trouble picking favorites for this sneak peek!  I can't wait for them to see them all!

I love this one, can't you just sense the love oozing out of them?!

Halloween Party

Monday, October 18, 2010

We hosted a Halloween party a few weeks ago for our friends - what fun!  I spent so much time, with the help of my sister, decorating our yard.  I've never seen it so festive!  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of all the details we spent to much time on because we were really racing the clock to make my vision come to life!  The kids had a BLAST, Ethan is still talking about it. Thanks again to our friends for coming and lending me some great little models!  Here are some of my favorite shots.

Will checking himself out as a tiger (Roar!):

Nolan having fun, playing dress-up:


Ella the wild-woman, I love the impressed expressions on the boys!

Nolan and Ella in my spray painted chairs (I am in love with spray paint!)

Our handsome little friend Harrington in his lederhosen:

My nephew Brandon, as Clark Gable.

Superman?  More like Super Model!

The beautiful Thompson Family:

The Given Boys:

The McGowan Boys:

And the whole handsome clan:

Mikey giving Mama some love:

Little Isabelle, I couldn't choose, these are both so cute:

With big sis Sophia:

My buddy Harrington again, checking out the flowers:

With his parents:

Our attempt at a group shot.  For as many toddlers as we had, I think we did pretty well!

My only picture of Ethan that day, barefoot and chomping on an apple.  

I couldn't resist having some fun with these:

And finally, some witchy woman who kept chasing the kids around with her camera:

Learning the Ropes

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We were outside today and I liked how the light was hitting our hammock, and decided to play.  I was recently encouraged to apply my eye to new subjects, so I thought this would be a good little exercise.  I like the composition, I like the contrast, but I'm kind of wishing I'd gotten the ropes in the foreground in focus?  Hey, at least it's not a moving target!  I can always try again ;)


Friday, October 8, 2010

"Cha" is our neighbor.  When she sees the boys outside, she calls for "Nolie".  And when she gets here, she pretends she's shy and holds on to Mommy or Daddy for a few minutes before running off and playing with the boys.  Here's a precious shot of her holding onto Daddy's  hand upon entering our yard.  Are her big eyes not amazing?!

Cows cuddle, too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Okay, anyone who knows me knows I love animals.  I'm like a little child when I see them.  I mean, I practically made out with a cow at a petting farm:

{exhibit A:}

So, it's no surprise that when I saw these cozy calves, I had to turn the camera away from my boys and onto them.  They were just the sweetest.  Even though I enjoy seeing animals, It's always bothered me to see them couped up and out of their natural habitat.  It's like these two were in their own safe little world where they had each other.  It melts my heart.  I think this might be my favorite picture ever to date.  Move over boys, your pictures are coming' down and the cows are goin' up!