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Happy Halloween!

Monday, November 1, 2010

What fun we had this year!!  The boys absolutely LOVED trick-or-treating!  E  had on a smile the whole time, trotting around in his "pony" costume.  Really, he's a cowboy on a pony, but don't tell him that.  When a neighbor said "Aren't you a cute little cowboy on a horsie!" E looked at me like the guy was nuts, his expression said  "What is this dude saying?! CLEARLY I'm a PONY!".  On our way home, I could tell he was cold, but he insisted he wasn't.  He was happy as a clam, holding Mommy's hand and strolling down the street, talking all about his evening.

N was just hysterical.  It didn't take him long to catch on at all.  He was banging on doors (forget the bell! banging is faster, and he can reach!), he was saying "Trick-or-Treat!", "Thank-you", asking for "Two! Two!", and even demanding "Change!" when he wasn't all together pleased with his selection (not that he knows the difference, he really hasn't eaten any candy to speak of!)  Needless to say, it was our best Halloween yet and just SO much fun!

Why yes, that IS a banana in my pocket!

And here is a real change of pace!  One of my nephew B, as Sweeney Todd, giving Chris a... shave?


kelly said...

Your boys are adorable! I love their costumes-it sounds like they had fun! Excellent Sweeny Todd shot too :)

Deirdre said...

they looked adorable in their costumes!! and brandon looks awesome!!

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