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Christmas Card Shoot

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm really behind!  I'm posting stuff from almost a month ago that I just couldn't keep up with!  So the day after our airplane shoot, we went to a nearby park for our Christmas pictures with our best buds, the McG's.  It was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G.  Seconds before beginning to shoot, poor B fell flat on his face!  So we switched things up and photographed my kids first.  They were surprisingly agreeable.  Hubby dancing and jumping behind me had something to do with that!

E is so excited watching his Dad, look at his little stance, it kills me!

And here was our winner, happy and excited but not OVERLY so:

A few more I love:

N fell about 10 seconds later:

Okay, now we're on to our best buds.  M and E are just a few months apart, B and N are almost exactly a year apart.  They truly are best friends and my boys just love them to pieces!  M was really working to make his Mama proud and get some good pictures, B was cold and had just fallen and just wasn't his normal happy self!

C'mon B, just stand next to me and smile:

Okay, you wanna do this the hard way?:

And now he's just thoroughly hurt that his brother won't cooperate:

Okay, better, they're both smiling:

Uncle C was called in to do a song and dance, and we got a winner (gosh they are cute)!!

BONUS!  We managed to get a great group shot!

And here are a few fun ones of the boys playing around before they decided they'd had enough of the cold:

I just love this one, seeing these boys running around playing together makes me so happy.  I've been friends with their parents for something like 18 years, and now we've each got 2 boys that are great friends, it's almost cosmic!

Annddddd, it's time to go!


mjschule said...

4 beautiful boys

Jill said...

Love this post! So glad we got a good one of the 4 boys. best buds is right!

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