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Visit with Santa

Friday, December 31, 2010

We took the kids to see Santa.  From around the corner, Nolan could see a little children's sized snowman chair, and he was very excited!  Then, he saw Santa's hand reach out and move the chair!  Excitement and wonder was painted all over his beautiful little face.  I had a tough time holding him back.  A moment later, it's our turn to see Santa!  So the boys go running excitedly in, and then stop dead in their tracks.  Nolan looks horrified.  Ethan looks excited and nervous.  After a few minutes of talking, Nolan exclaimed "Guitar!" Santa asked what he wanted and Ethan stood there, playing with his hands in his mouth (as he does when he's excited and/or nervous!) and eventually sat next to Santa in the chair for the picture. Nolan opted for that snowman chair he'd had his eyes on from the get-go!

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