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The Bedard Family {Lowell, MA Family Photographer}

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This was one of my most fun shoots so far.  But it didn't start off that way. It starts like this.  I pull up to the location, only to find about 5 pine trees down littering the otherwise lovely location, thank you, Hurricane Irene.  There are some people strewn about playing guitars and singing (actually was kind of nice while I surveyed the area and waited), then another photographer comes along and begins setting up a backdrop stand preparing for a shoot that somehow involved a live fish, and I'm beginning to wonder if there is some scheduled event I should have been aware of.  There wasn't.  But what happens next - oy.  A caravan, I kid you not, at least 6 or 8 cars pull up, and before they are even parked this is what I hear "Woof-woof! Yip-Yip! Argghh! Arggh! Awhoo! Awhoo!!" Apparently, there was some sort of dog club meeting.  Seriously?  Unfortunately so.  The first 15 mintues of our shoot, we were accompanied by a one-eyed pug toting around the most slobbery tennis ball EVER. Yes.  I found out the hard way.  Luckily, this session was with a very dear friend of mine, and she and her family are totally laid back, with the best sense of humor you could imagine.  We did not stop laughing.  And while I was editing the session, I was laughing all over again at some of the shots we got! Enjoy! :)

And here are a few that had me laughing all over again!

Funny guy - said he needed a new Facebook profile pic!  

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