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The Coomas Family | Dracut, MA Family Photographer

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I grew up across the street from this dad here. He comes from the nicest family, and he was one of the "cool" older boys on the street. Never did I imagine that someday I'd be a photographing his family. But I am SO glad that he and his lovely wife gave me the opportunity to do so. What a sweet group of people. And seriously, I joked during our session that photographing these girls, was like buying the pre-made cookie dough that you just plop on the sheet and stick in the oven. The job was already done for me. They sat. They looked. They smiled. Easy-as-pie, or, er...cookies. I didn't have to run or chase at all, it was a very different pace than my typical session. But just as fun. Thanks guys!

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