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A belated Happy Birthday and a whole lotta gratitude

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In preparing for the birth of our third baby boy, the birthday of my little business slipped right by me unnoticed. I am regretfully bad with birthdays, and this was no exception! It's not so much that I want to wish a Happy Birthday to myself, that would be kinda lame, no? I want to send a whole lotta gratitude out there to all of you who have encouraged and supported me since I decided to take my love for photography and build a little business out of it. First to my Hubby for being uber-supportive, for being the techie nerd that he is (said with love) and his help on getting my site and blog ready, for always making time for me to commit to my camera (and Photoshop). My family and my friends for encouraging me when I thought I just wasn't good enough. All of you old friends who became my clients, and new clients who became my friends, for choosing and trusting me to capture your families for you. What a complete honor! All of the people who "liked" my Facebook page and take a second to "like" a photo every now and again. It is all appreciated!  I also have to give some big shout-outs to some fellow photographers/friends who are super-talented, much more established than myself, who never hesitated to give me guidance, advice, and encouragement and were just all around gracious about it. Kelly from Photography by Kelly Klatt, Sarah from My Four Hens Photography, Shannon from Shannon Payne Photography and Hana of Hana Portrait Design ; I've seen some meowing and scratching in our little photography world, but certainly not from any of you. Much love to you all!

Okay, before this gets any more Oscar-speechy, I'm gonna stop.

Oh! One more thing... Happy (belated) Birthday to Jenny Schule Photography. There, I said it. Yes... I am lame!

And because a blog post isn't a blog post without a photo, here's a recent one of one of my loveable little devils! He recently got a haircut and a new fresh/big boy attitude to suit it!

Sweet Bella | 6 months | Chelmsford, MA baby photographer

In the year since I started my business, I began to realize that my favorite age to photograph is 6-8 months. Miss Bella did nothing to disprove that. It's during these kinds of sessions when my work truly does not feel like work. I just love this baby age, and love capturing it! Having begun photographing Bella while still in her Mama's tummy, I just can't believe she's already at this age!

As a side-note, Please imagine a very pregnant woman, laying on the floor/ground half in the house and half out the front door to get these first few photos. I hope Bella's parents didn't get too many strange inquiries from neighbors!

The Livingstone Family | MA Family Photographer

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a sweet bunch. I adore this family. Mom is an old friend and co-worker of mine. I know her and her hubby to be a very funny pair, so I knew this would be a fun and chill session, and I was looking forward to seeing them again and meeting the new additions to their brood. Mom was a little worried that her precious daughter may not be in the mood for photos, but my gosh did she surprise us. She was sitting pretty and smilin' the whole time! Her 6 year old was my little buddy, and the sweet little guy, just reminded me of my boys at that age. Especially in this first photo with the two little teeth, the drool, and the fistful of grass!

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm a little late with my Father's Day wishes, but I had to wait to share this until my Hubby saw it. And I have a wonderful way of losing track of time lately, with 2 months until the birth of our third son, all the normal operations that go along with raising 2 boys, work, I've also decided to update pretty much the whole house. Would you say I'm nesting?! So please forgive me these days if my correspondence leaves something to be desired ;)

This was a fun idea I totally and shamelessly hijacked from a photographer friend of mine, and put our own little spin on. She took pictures of her two little boys in their dad's work shirt and shoes, and they were adorable. At our house, it's working with Daddy that gets the kids excited. Even when my oldest, now 5, was just a toddler, any time my husband had tools in his hand, Ethan would walk up behind him and give him a pat on the back. Now, both boys tell him all the time that he's doing a good job. And of course they always want to join in on the fun. So the boys obliged to take a few fun photos for Daddy, wearing his hat he always wears when he works, pencil behind the ear, and of course the tools and the "tractor". It used to be that after a job well done, Daddy would nap in the hammock, but with two boys naps don't come easy. Now the reward comes in the form of beer... and they kids thought they were so funny with Daddy's big beer bottles!

Happy Father's Day to THE best Dad I could have dreamed of for my sons, and to all the other great dads out there!

Little Mr. J | 2 year session

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We planned Mr. J's 2 year session about 6 months in advance. His sweet mom and I talked a few times about location and clothes and other ideas for his session, getting it all planned out. And sometimes, when you think you're prepared and on top of things, all in control, nature has a way of making you realize that you are not in control at all. Mother Nature, in particular, was having a good knee-slapping howl of laughter at our expense. Our session got rained out and rescheduled THREE times! Mr. J's mom and I did all we could do - laugh. And we were repaid with this gorgeous night. This is one sweet group of people that I sincerely hope I get to work with again. Mr. J was a busy little birthday boy who reminded me very much of my own. And  his sisters were so engaging and wonderful with him, I just loved watching them together. Happy Birthday, J! I hope all that rain brought you lots of luck in the form of presents ;)

Why my relationship with Pinterest is a love/hate one | Personal

Friday, June 8, 2012

I love pinterest, it gives me lots of great ideas & inspiration. Whether it's photography related, cooking, decorating, activities with the kids, there's a lot to get excited about. And put on my to-do list. Which leads to why I hate pinterest. I get all these big ideas that I can't seem to find the time to follow through on, leading me to feel like an inadequate slacker! Well, not today! I just finished a pinterest project! Yay, me!

Here's my collage of our year (2011, I'm behind, people!), and on my to-do list for every year to come is to make a new one! I'm going to frame it and hang it on the awesome wall collage that's in the works. Which is to say, it's a big idea in my head that's on my to-do list ;) These are mostly snapshots, they are imperfect, but they represent so many special times in our family, I know I'll smile every time I look at it!

And if you are interested in creating one for yourself, here is the pin that inspired this project!

The Tanguay Family | Dracut, MA Family Photographer

Monday, June 4, 2012

I knew this was going to be a fun session. This family came prepared,with bubbles, super-hero capes, family quilts, all kinds of fun stuff. They were dressed adorably (check out that paisley dress, which this Mama made for her beautiful daughter!), and I happen to know them, they are a very sweet gang and these kids have the greatest outgoing personalities. There was not a dull moment - and I loved it!

Help for a fellow photographer

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am blessed. I am in good health. I have two healthy boys, and another on the way. I am thankful each and every day for this. When my oldest son, now 5, was just over one year old, I found a tumor on my hip. I'd had abnormal bloodwork in the past as well as pre-cancerous cells. The doctors didn't seem concerned, but sent me through a whole rigmarole of testing to be sure. It took a few months before I was told definitively that I was fine. Being the worry-wart that I am, as soon as I heard the ugly tumor word, combined with my past, I was as good as gone. I can remember vividly, leaning against the fridge, watching my son play on the kitchen floor, and just crying over the notion of him losing his mother. Crying over the thought of him not remembering me. Dramatic? Yes. But I tell you, I have never been so scared. Today I learned of another fellow photographer who did not get the fortunate news that I did. Jen Burgess Thompson has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and is fighting for her life. I just watched this video of her with her sons, and cried all over again, it stirred up all the fears I once had for myself, but this time for her and her family. Jen is going to the Mayo Clinic to participate in a clinical trial, but it costs a whopping $63,000 dollars. Please consider donating by participating in this deal offered by, and share with your friends. To learn more about Jen and hear her story, you can visit her blog. If you are not a photographer and the above deal does not appeal to you, there is a donation page on her blog, as well. Let's help Jen through this trial, and pray that she too soon gets some good news, so she can officially eff cancer and continue to be here for her two beautiful boys. Thanks for taking the time!

Laney | 2 year session | Tewksbury, MA child photographer

Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautiful Miss Laney and her parents came to see me for her 2 year portraits. I was really looking forward to this session, the location is beautiful and photographing a pretty little girl in a pretty little dress there was such fun. Laney was less excited for our session, but she ended up having some fun, too. She really loved when I pretended to fall on the ground (at 6 monhts pregnant, this was a site, I'm sure), and ended up getting her parents in on the faux-fall action as well! 

There were some frogs in a well that were very... um... active. Yes, I guess that's how you could say it. We were all rather intrigued, but especially Laney! 

I just adore the light in her curls in this one!

And these last two just make me giggle. Do you think she was done with me? Yeah, I think so, too! :) 

Zach | 9 month session | North Andover baby photographer

Friday, May 11, 2012

Okay, after this session I can safely say that 9 months is my favorite age to photograph! Zach laughed at my silly faces and peek-a-boo playing, and he couldn't run away from me! But this boy is so sweet and happy, I am inclined to think he will be this way at every session, every age. He is just a little love and I was having so much fun, I didn't want this session to end. I have had the joy of photographing Zach throughout his first year. I can't believe we'll be celebrating his first birthday soon!

10/52 | Round

Monday, March 12, 2012

We celebrated our son's 5th birthday this week. It is amazing how fast that snuck up on us! So, on Sunday while I was scanning the house, trying to decide what to photograph for my "round" theme, I noticed the birthday banner hanging in the kitchen. I decided to use the opportunity to get a birthday photo of my little man. Because I let him set up train tracks on my backdrop/set-up, he was totally on board, or, er, on track I suppose! But the one I ended up choosing to share was this one, I just love his big happy face. We were having  good little laugh for ourselves here. I needed him just a little higher than he was sitting on the floor and a little lower than sitting on the crate I originally started with. So I pulled  a couple of books off the shelf for him to sit on. He was sitting on Harry Potter and pretending to "toot" on him. What can I say? A little potty humor goes a long way in this house!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy, who has held up his promise that even though he's a big 5 year old, he will still cuddle with Mommy every day.

Bella | 3 month session | Chelmsford, MA baby photographer

Friday, March 9, 2012

One of the things I look forward to most is getting to photograph a baby's first year. It's been less than a year since I started my business and there are a couple of babies I am lucky enough to see and photograph every 3 months. As a mom, I know how precious and fleeting that first year is, so I really feel honored to be able to capture it for some of these awesome families I get to work with. This one is no exception. I have been capturing Bella's journey since she was still in her mommy's tummy, and I look forward to seeing them every time! 

During this session, Bella's daddy actually witnessed her roll over for the first time ( a new stunt she's been doing!) I wish I had thought to take a picture of his face. You know that proud dad look!?  I did catch one of her on her way over, though:

Cute little biker baby!

This is one of my favorites, what a sweet little doll face!