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10/52 | Round

Monday, March 12, 2012

We celebrated our son's 5th birthday this week. It is amazing how fast that snuck up on us! So, on Sunday while I was scanning the house, trying to decide what to photograph for my "round" theme, I noticed the birthday banner hanging in the kitchen. I decided to use the opportunity to get a birthday photo of my little man. Because I let him set up train tracks on my backdrop/set-up, he was totally on board, or, er, on track I suppose! But the one I ended up choosing to share was this one, I just love his big happy face. We were having  good little laugh for ourselves here. I needed him just a little higher than he was sitting on the floor and a little lower than sitting on the crate I originally started with. So I pulled  a couple of books off the shelf for him to sit on. He was sitting on Harry Potter and pretending to "toot" on him. What can I say? A little potty humor goes a long way in this house!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy, who has held up his promise that even though he's a big 5 year old, he will still cuddle with Mommy every day.

Bella | 3 month session | Chelmsford, MA baby photographer

Friday, March 9, 2012

One of the things I look forward to most is getting to photograph a baby's first year. It's been less than a year since I started my business and there are a couple of babies I am lucky enough to see and photograph every 3 months. As a mom, I know how precious and fleeting that first year is, so I really feel honored to be able to capture it for some of these awesome families I get to work with. This one is no exception. I have been capturing Bella's journey since she was still in her mommy's tummy, and I look forward to seeing them every time! 

During this session, Bella's daddy actually witnessed her roll over for the first time ( a new stunt she's been doing!) I wish I had thought to take a picture of his face. You know that proud dad look!?  I did catch one of her on her way over, though:

Cute little biker baby!

This is one of my favorites, what a sweet little doll face!

9/52 Leading Lines

Monday, March 5, 2012

When I started this project, I thought ahead about ideas I would like to pursue. I envisioned creating these inspired images every week. Instead, I'm rolling something like this, okay exactly like this... "Oh crap! It's Sunday! I didn't do my image yet...what can I do in the next hour?" And throwing something together. Not to mention, I had to lie to my sweet boy to get this one! After waking up from his nap, I told him there were turkeys in the trees out back and he had to peek through the blinds to see them, because if he lifted them up the turkeys would fly away. I mean, it's not far-fetched, we often have turkeys in the trees. And the day before they were in the trees at about the same time so they could have flown up at any second. But no, they weren't there at that moment and yeah, I knew it. He wasn't scarred by my desperate antics though, so let's move on ;)

Here's my interpretation of Leading Lines (even though some of them are smooshed) .

How I view sweetness & love:

Friday, March 2, 2012

We had just come in from playing in the snow. The boys were warming up on the couch with hot chocolate watching a favorite cartoon. I left that coziness to come pour over some images and try to choose one for this "sweetness & love" theme, due today, last minute as always. Nothing was jumping out at me. There were some really nice photographs of my boys individually, and of course when I look at them I see sweetness & love, but I wanted you to be able to see it, too. That's when I went to peek in on them, and this is what I saw. My little one had fallen asleep, and his big brother was holding his hand,looking at him with such adoration.I ran for the camera, not taking the time to change my lens which was inappropriate for this photo, but I just didn't want to miss the moment.When I came back, this is how they were, cuddled up, and my son just looked at me with such love and happiness in his eyes, cuddled up to his sleeping little brother. So here it is. It is certainly imperfect. The focus is off, limbs are chopped, etc., but it screams sweetness & love to me, hopefully to you, too.

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