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Monday, March 12, 2012

We celebrated our son's 5th birthday this week. It is amazing how fast that snuck up on us! So, on Sunday while I was scanning the house, trying to decide what to photograph for my "round" theme, I noticed the birthday banner hanging in the kitchen. I decided to use the opportunity to get a birthday photo of my little man. Because I let him set up train tracks on my backdrop/set-up, he was totally on board, or, er, on track I suppose! But the one I ended up choosing to share was this one, I just love his big happy face. We were having  good little laugh for ourselves here. I needed him just a little higher than he was sitting on the floor and a little lower than sitting on the crate I originally started with. So I pulled  a couple of books off the shelf for him to sit on. He was sitting on Harry Potter and pretending to "toot" on him. What can I say? A little potty humor goes a long way in this house!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy, who has held up his promise that even though he's a big 5 year old, he will still cuddle with Mommy every day.

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