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9/52 Leading Lines

Monday, March 5, 2012

When I started this project, I thought ahead about ideas I would like to pursue. I envisioned creating these inspired images every week. Instead, I'm rolling something like this, okay exactly like this... "Oh crap! It's Sunday! I didn't do my image yet...what can I do in the next hour?" And throwing something together. Not to mention, I had to lie to my sweet boy to get this one! After waking up from his nap, I told him there were turkeys in the trees out back and he had to peek through the blinds to see them, because if he lifted them up the turkeys would fly away. I mean, it's not far-fetched, we often have turkeys in the trees. And the day before they were in the trees at about the same time so they could have flown up at any second. But no, they weren't there at that moment and yeah, I knew it. He wasn't scarred by my desperate antics though, so let's move on ;)

Here's my interpretation of Leading Lines (even though some of them are smooshed) .

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Jennifer said...

That explains the skeptical 'yeah right mum' look he has on his face lol. I'm in the same boat with this project too - the end of the week sneaks up on you :)

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