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Help for a fellow photographer

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am blessed. I am in good health. I have two healthy boys, and another on the way. I am thankful each and every day for this. When my oldest son, now 5, was just over one year old, I found a tumor on my hip. I'd had abnormal bloodwork in the past as well as pre-cancerous cells. The doctors didn't seem concerned, but sent me through a whole rigmarole of testing to be sure. It took a few months before I was told definitively that I was fine. Being the worry-wart that I am, as soon as I heard the ugly tumor word, combined with my past, I was as good as gone. I can remember vividly, leaning against the fridge, watching my son play on the kitchen floor, and just crying over the notion of him losing his mother. Crying over the thought of him not remembering me. Dramatic? Yes. But I tell you, I have never been so scared. Today I learned of another fellow photographer who did not get the fortunate news that I did. Jen Burgess Thompson has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and is fighting for her life. I just watched this video of her with her sons, and cried all over again, it stirred up all the fears I once had for myself, but this time for her and her family. Jen is going to the Mayo Clinic to participate in a clinical trial, but it costs a whopping $63,000 dollars. Please consider donating by participating in this deal offered by, and share with your friends. To learn more about Jen and hear her story, you can visit her blog. If you are not a photographer and the above deal does not appeal to you, there is a donation page on her blog, as well. Let's help Jen through this trial, and pray that she too soon gets some good news, so she can officially eff cancer and continue to be here for her two beautiful boys. Thanks for taking the time!

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