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Laney | 2 year session | Tewksbury, MA child photographer

Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautiful Miss Laney and her parents came to see me for her 2 year portraits. I was really looking forward to this session, the location is beautiful and photographing a pretty little girl in a pretty little dress there was such fun. Laney was less excited for our session, but she ended up having some fun, too. She really loved when I pretended to fall on the ground (at 6 monhts pregnant, this was a site, I'm sure), and ended up getting her parents in on the faux-fall action as well! 

There were some frogs in a well that were very... um... active. Yes, I guess that's how you could say it. We were all rather intrigued, but especially Laney! 

I just adore the light in her curls in this one!

And these last two just make me giggle. Do you think she was done with me? Yeah, I think so, too! :) 


Phoenix Arizona Photographer said...

awww...such a little cutie!

Megan said...

Not that I'm partial anything, but that is one beautiful little girl! However, one amazing photographer was needed to take pics of this stubborn little girl. We're so grateful you were able to get some spectacular pics. Thank you Jenny!

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