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Little Mr. J | 2 year session

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We planned Mr. J's 2 year session about 6 months in advance. His sweet mom and I talked a few times about location and clothes and other ideas for his session, getting it all planned out. And sometimes, when you think you're prepared and on top of things, all in control, nature has a way of making you realize that you are not in control at all. Mother Nature, in particular, was having a good knee-slapping howl of laughter at our expense. Our session got rained out and rescheduled THREE times! Mr. J's mom and I did all we could do - laugh. And we were repaid with this gorgeous night. This is one sweet group of people that I sincerely hope I get to work with again. Mr. J was a busy little birthday boy who reminded me very much of my own. And  his sisters were so engaging and wonderful with him, I just loved watching them together. Happy Birthday, J! I hope all that rain brought you lots of luck in the form of presents ;)

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