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Graham | 3 Years Old | Newburyport, Ma Children's Photographer

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ahhhh, summer. I miss you! That's the nice thing about being a good 7 months behind on my blog... I get to revisit summer as there is snow on the ground and lots more forecasted to come. I was quite pregnant when we had Graham's 3 year session and now I have a 6 month old in my lap and banging on the keyboard. If there are any typo's, I'm blaming him ;) So, Graham is a little love of a guy, who I have had the pleasure of photographing for 3 years now. There is no bigger compliment than parents who trust me with capturing their child year after year!! Graham and I have gotten pretty tight, actually, and he wanted to take me home with him after his session! He's got some smooth moves, not that he needs him with those bright blue eyes and that delectable dimple! 

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