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about me

Hi!  I'm Jenny :)

I'm a mom to three little boys, and the really lucky wife of a very supportive and encouraging husband.

I've loved photography since my teen years, when I'd try to emulate pictures from Seventeen magazine of Niki Taylor (dating myself?) with my disposable camera. It didn't work out so well.

In college I took my first photography course, and that's when my fuse was lit. I worked in the lab, mixed the chemicals and developed my own images - it was awesome. A few years later I invested in my first Canon Rebel - film - digitals had just come out (dating myself again?), but I was gonna stick true to my roots! That is, until I got my first digital point and shoot camera as a gift, and realized the advantages. My little ole' film Rebel sat in the closet collecting dust, when I hadn't even re-taught myself how to shoot in manual.  Oops.

About three years ago, my Hubby was sick of my whining generous enough to get me my first DSLR.  Watching my children grow so quickly is what really inspired me to dig in and learn everything about photography that I could. I love capturing real, every day moments as beautifully as I can, for my family and for yours, too.

I love getting your feedback, so if you come by, won't ya please leave me some love!?



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